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Building Equity

Boost the value of your business.

Rizolve Partners brings together all the right skills, leadership, and experience to deliver the roadmap required to maximize the value of your business.


We provide a tailored strategy to help you build a strong foundation, clearly define your objectives, and streamline your systems for maximum performance and scalability. You can count on the expertise and support of a highly qualified team to assist you every step of the way. Book an Appointment


We help uncover your hidden assets, identify silent killers, and best practices to improve business development, boost efficiencies, and increase profits. You can be confident that the activities that we will guide you to focus on are those that will deliver the greatest return on investment of time and resources. Book an Appointment

Operational Balance

We provide you with a results-oriented plan and the right competencies precisely when and where you need them. You can count on us to provide you with a clear line of sight from where you are now to where you want to get to, and exactly how best to get there. Book an Appointment


We show you how to improve visibility, accountability, and integration in every area of your business to maximize its value and ensure a smooth transition to the next generation of leaders. We provide you with the know-how and resources needed to navigate the intricacies and timelines of a successful transition. Book an Appointment


Our seasoned advisors provide you with a plan of action customized to achieve optimal value for your business. We support you with a weekly check-in throughout the process to ensure that plans are on track or adjusted in response to unexpected changes to achieve your goals. Book an Appointment

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What We Do

What area of business do you want to improve?

How to run my business more smoothly
How to increase revenue
How to build equity value


How we improve the value of your business.

We help business owners pivot from being just profit-driven to becoming value-driven businesses. Our expertise, proven processes, and leading-edge assessment tools provide you with an unbiased assessment of both the current and potential value of your company. Our seasoned advisors provide you with a plan of action customized to achieve optimal value for your business.

Our Process Book Appointment

*Example of how the Rizolve process drove a business originally valued at $2M to $18M.

Who We Are

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Our Team

We are most known for identifying and creating strategies to help maximize your business value. We are Certified Value Builders, Sales Leaders, and Exit Strategy Planners.

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Our Mission, Vision, Values

We help privately-owned businesses achieve peak value. We’ll help you define the right path and take the right steps at the right time to realize optimal outcomes.

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Our Approach

We work with business owners and management teams to develop and implement clear pathways to business success. Our step-by-step approach provides you with greater visibility and control of exactly what’s needed to achieve your goals.

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Why Us

We provide you with a clear line of sight and peace of mind that comes with a proven process, a detailed roadmap to achieve your business goals, and the ongoing support of a highly qualified team to assist you every step of the way.

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What Are People Saying


Stephen is impressive! We are members of the same business advisory group #growth-drive. By running workshops for the organization, Stephen has demonstrated a high level of knowledge, skill, and experience in helping companies grow and prepare for sale. His team-focused approach and analysis of the client’s business is at the highest level of competency and […]

Larry Prince

CEO, PrinceLeadership

Stephen is a rare and special individual who combines very deep business expertise, an uncanny ability to effectively communicate complex abstract ideas especially visually and is very generous with his time and talent to help others learn and grow. We know each other through our work as business advisors and members of the Growth Drive […]

Fred Lilley

Managing Partner, Business Lab LLC

Stephen is a professional to the core. Every discussion you get into with him leads to major business insights. He naturally creates an environment where you feel comfortable to discuss true strategy. I have watched him impact CEO’s first hand and have seen the value he drives.

Michelene Maguire

Founder, Maguire Marketing Group

I was in the same group with Stephen and have had many business advisory discussions. Stephen is very knowledgeable on the subject of business advisory and exit planning. He is definitely a leader and a valuable resource to all members of our group. His willingness to help others achieve their goals in a group setting […]

Bryan Esarco

Partner, Porte Brown Accountants

As a private lunch caterer, delivering pre-ordered meals to elementary school children, Covid 19 was devastating for the Lunch Lady Group Inc. Our business came to a standstill overnight, and even once children were back in the classroom, outside meal providers like us were not allowed back in the door for nearly 2 years. There […]

Ruthie Burd

Founder and President, The Lunch Lady Group Inc.

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