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Other Services

In addition to our core services, our multi-dimension team provides specific services when and as needed to help owners improve their business value drivers.

Sales Acceleration

We provide business owners with seasoned sales experts to help: build sales strategy; assemble the right team for the right roles applicable for the company’s stage of development; put the right methodologies and processes in place to capture and quantify opportunities; and develop the goals, quotas and metrics to be able to measure and report on progress and incentivise people properly for performance.

We define the required sales resources and develop a comprehensive, customized plan detailing the appropriate sales infrastructure and processes to support the client’s revenue goals. The plan consists of actionable, prioritized steps that result in drastically improved sales productivity.

If necessary, we also manage the work involved with running a sales team, including hiring, training, running weekly sales meetings, creating a compensation plan, setting metrics, and holding the team accountable.

Marketing Strategy and Execution

We provide business owners with marketing and communications experts to develop a Marketing Strategy designed to achieve and communicate a sustainable competitive advantage for the company.  We identify your goals, define your target markets, articulate your value proposition, and develop a game plan to successfully reach your prospects and turn them into customers.

Based on the Marketing Strategy, we then develop a detailed Marketing Plan within budget to achieve your business goals. The plan includes key performance indicators that are actionable, directional, practical and, wherever possible, quantitative, to measure progress and inform timely adjustments if and as required.

Raising Finance

We advise and position you to be an attractive funding proposition.  We facilitate financing for business growth through our expertise and knowledge, and our strategic relationships with appropriate pools of capital, buyers, and sellers.

If you are looking to raise capital for growth, we can advise on the best sources of financing to optimize the terms and your cost of capital.

If you are looking to divest shares or assets, we can explore the various options available to you to get liquidity on your investment which most closely aligns with your goals and objectives.  We can put also facilitate the creation of a plan to your timelines that will optimize the terms of sale for you.

Fractional CFO Services

We provide CPA’s who are boardroom veterans with seasoned experience and who have spent years leading organizations through a multitude of business challenges.  Each finance leader has the vision and foresight to help navigate issues and challenges both current and what lurks ahead.

Our professionals can see the bigger picture and help to steer the ship in the desired direction.  They are navigation experts who have the foresight to build credible plans and mitigate risks that pop up along the way.  As financial gatekeepers, they can weigh in on the financial side of strategy and ensure it is viable.

Keeping the growth of your company properly financed is critical to ensuring healthy growth that delivers value.  Our professionals can also navigate the year end audit and ensure best in class systems and processes are in place to meet the demands of rigorous audits by third party attestation. All of this can be achieved at a fraction of the cost appropriate for the cost structures of young, growing companies.

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