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Implementing a World Class Sales Strategy

October 2023

When we first met our brand-new Vice President of Sales, the CEO of the company had just laid out the strategic plan to the executive team, hinging on the necessity to implement a world class sales strategy to deliver the revenue necessary to fulfill the company’s aggressive growth objectives! No problem: In this final installment […]

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The Four Sales Competencies for Driving Revenue Growth

September 2023

You are the brand-new Vice President of Sales attending your first executive planning meeting.  You swagger into the board room, seat yourself to the right of the CEO at the head of the board table (the position of power), and look around at your colleagues with the confidence that says … I belong here!  And […]

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Driving Sales Revenue that Delivers Business Value

August 2023

Two-thirds of CEOs state that their number one corporate objective is to grow the company. For many, growth is defined by increasing Sales Revenue. But how many times have you witnessed companies on a tear that experience unintended issues which end up being terminal for the same CEO who mandated the growth? By stepping on […]

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The Key Competencies of a Marketing Plan

July 2023

A marketing plan encompasses several key competencies that are crucial for its success. These competencies help guide the overall strategy, execution, and evaluation of marketing initiatives to drive business growth. Here are the essential competencies found in a comprehensive marketing plan: Market Research Conducting thorough market research is essential to understand your target audience, market […]

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Exit Strategy Planning and Legal Due Diligence

June 2023

By Stephen Cummings and Vanessa Grant Stephen Cummings is the CEO of Rizolve Partners, a leading Exit Planning firm. Vanessa Grant is a leading corporate lawyer with Norton Rose Fulbright Canada who is skilled in preparing for and executing business transactions for entrepreneur-led private and public companies. PLANNING YOUR BUSINESS EXIT There are many areas […]

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What is Transferable Value and How Do I Build It?

May 2023

Transferable value refers to the value that a business holds for someone else, without the original owner’s involvement. It is important to understand that transferable value is not the same as profit. Although a business may generate substantial profits, it may not necessarily have transferable value. The transferable value of a business is determined by […]

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What is Pricing Power and How Can It Drive Company Value?

April 2023

Pricing power refers to a company’s ability to set and maintain prices at levels that are higher than its competitors. It also involves being able to do so without losing significant market share. It is a measure of a company’s pricing flexibility and its ability to capture value resulting in improved profits. This, in turn, […]

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What is Business Growth and how does it work?

March 2023

What is business growth, and how does it work? Growth in a business in and of itself may or may not be a good thing… Generally, a business’s ability to grow is regarded as a good thing. It’s usually indicative of: having attracted and satisfied more and/or larger orders, purchased and built inventory, hired and […]

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How Do I Calculate A Growth Rate Of A Company?

February 2023

How Do I Calculate A Growth Rate Of A Company? As a business owner, it is important to have a very clear understanding of your company’s growth rate. Calculating your growth rate can help you make more informed decisions on allocating resources and planning for the future. In this blog post, we will explain the […]

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