A boutique strategic business advisory firm dedicated to identifying and driving value into our client’s businesses. We focus on the identification of winning strategies, optimally positioning businesses and driving incremental value.

As trusted strategic advisors we partner for the long term and work to help our client’s businesses so as to: build value; position them for scalability; raise appropriate finance for the company’s stage of development; make insightful investments; position the business as an attractive investment target; and, execute liquidity events to realize value.

Building Business Value

We develop value-building strategies and help execute business transitions that drive peak outcomes.

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Exit Planning

We position you for a successful and profitable exit.

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Achieving Liquidity

We help drive liquidity at peak value and optimal terms.

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Valuation Services

We provide expert business valuations.

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We can advise you if:

  • You are an Owner seeking to:
  • tune up or add material value to your business
  • improve the attractiveness of your business to third party investors or acquirors
  • raise finance to invest in a growth initiative
  • plan or execute a liquidity event
  • You are a CEO that needs additional strategic resources to unearth business value or identify value improvement strategies
  • You have a need to supplement your leadership team with seasoned executives to fulfil a strategic objective
  • You are ready to take your company to the next level
  • You are on a Board of Directors setting a new strategic direction
  • You are an Investor Group getting a company ready for the next round of financing or want to plan or execute an exit