Our Process at Rizolve Partners

Our Process

We help business owners pivot from being just profit-driven to becoming value-driven businesses.

Our expertise, proven processes, and leading-edge assessment tools provide you with an unbiased assessment of the strength of the current value drivers and a ranking of the various potential improvements in value of your company.

This allows for a holistic view of your current value and visibility into what needs to be done to achieve your value goals.

Our seasoned advisors provide you with advice on a plan of action, customized for your business to achieve optimal value and are with you every step of the way in execution.

*Example of how a business originally valued at $6M could double or triple in value to $18M if the right value
drivers are improved by adopting a roadmap of action leading to improvement.

Our Process

Our process includes building companies from a firm operating base of predictable profits and cash flows through three stages of development that require the development of enhanced competencies at each stage:

  1. Building predictable profits and cashflow. This is the launchpad for growth.
  2. Building predictable growth. This is the launchpad for achieving higher value.
  3. Building predictable transferrable value. This is the ultimate measure of success.


We do this by:

  • Using leading-edge tools and processes to benchmark the quality of the core value drivers in your business against best-in-class companies in your industry; 
  • Providing a sales agility assessment of your business with a focus on predictability, repeatability, and scalability;
  • Uncovering your hidden assets, identifying silent killers, and applying best practices to boost efficiencies, raise profits, and increase business value;
  • Providing you with a detailed roadmap, performance indicators, and milestone checkpoints to ensure accountability at every step along the way;
  • Supporting you with a weekly check-in throughout the process to ensure that plans are on track or adjusted in response to unexpected changes to achieve your goals.

Our Process

Example of how the process could drive a business originally valued at $6M to $18M.

Starting Point: Traditional 2-Dimensional Valuation using the Enterprise Value multiple approach.

Our Process - Example of how the process could drive a business originally valued at $6M to $18M

1x $2.0M EBITDA = $2M

1. Building Predictable Profits and Cashflow

Key Factors:

  • Senior Management
  • Human Resources
  • Recurring Revenues
  • Margin
  • Financial and Operating Reports
  • Sales Plan and Process
  • Operations
  • Customer Satisfaction

2. Building Predictable Growth

Key Factors:

  • Company: Strategy
  • Culture
  • Market Size
  • Recruiting & Training
  • Product Differentiation
  • Marketing Plan & Process
  • Financial Budget/f'cast
  • Innovation

3. Building Predictable Transferrable Value

Key Factors:

  • Business Profile
  • Fin: Audit
  • Legal
  • Growth in Market
  • Market Share
  • Customer Diversification
  • Barriers to Entry
  • Brand

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